One-liners to Sep 5 (still no Friday)


18 Aug Emma’s behaviour causes concern and Jazzer attempts to lift a friend’s spirits.
19 Aug Jim finds himself a new focus and Phoebe issues an ultimatum.
20 Aug Will struggles to let go and Lynda is determined to come out on top.
21 Aug Susan has a crisis of confidence and Brian is perturbed by the contents of a letter.
22 Aug Ruth has the rug pulled out from under her and Peggy remains tight lipped.
23 Aug It’s a big night for Peggy but who will come out on top?

25 Aug Hannah doesn’t mince her words and Jennifer’s new venture causes amusement.
26 Aug Tracy begins an investigation and Pip’s feelings are hurt.
27 Aug Will gets the wrong impression and Brian makes a new contact.
28 Aug Kate’s plan backfires and Shula is offended by a surprising request.
29 Aug Emma makes a horrifying discovery and David attempts to keep the peace.
30 Aug Will hits rock bottom and a shocking secret is revealed.

01 Sep Peggy’s got some exciting news for one of the Ambridge Conservation Trust teams.
02 Sep Lexi’s thrilled to be back and Adam and Ian struggle to contain themselves.
03 Sep Emma makes her mind up and Brookfield faces a challenge.
04 Sep Peggy’s revelation causes concern and Ruth feels neglected.
05 Sep Lexi struggles to settle in and Jim’s feeling anxious.


Mince Horrobins, Not Words.


Aug 18 sounds about par for the course! TheKaledonianKlown nicking his mate’s wee dram!


Three more days posted in the OP - though the week is not complete. I thought you’d all be thrilled to know Lexi is in the cast. Bet you were all missing her!


Oh, thank you. Thank you very bleeding’ much.

Seriously, though, thank you for keeping the spoilers in such good order: it is appreciated.


Throw on another few shovelsful.


You are very welcome, Gus and everyone! And a snork for Hedgers … if only!


The Sunday and Monday one-liners are now in - thought you might enjoy the wording of Sep 2.

See? See? Lexi is ‘thrilled’ - so why aren’t you lot? And as if Lexi’s presence wasn’t enough, we also have to look forward to Adam and Ian struggling to ‘contain themselves’! I am sure I am not alone in anticipating a struggle to contain my lunch.