One-liners to Sep 7

19 Aug Reality bites for Fallon, and Lynda is determined to get to the truth.
20 Aug Phoebe attempts to offer advice, and Pip has a new project.
21 Aug Ian imparts some bad news, and Neil is asked an important favour.
22 Aug Helen is on a mission, and Jim hatches a plan.
23 Aug Elizabeth needs help, and Tom is desperate to impress.
24 Aug Russ plays a dangerous game and Susan faces an ultimatum.

26 Aug Elizabeth attempts a brave face, and Clarrie offers some unwelcome advice.
27 Aug The stress builds for Helen, and Jim’s plotting continues.
28 Aug Susan has a confession to make, and Adam offers some feedback.
29 Aug Oliver takes the stand, and Tom is struggling.
30 Aug Jazzer steps up, and Pat has a suggestion.
31 Aug Things go from bad to worse for Elizabeth, and Hannah makes her feelings clear.

Sep 2 There’s yet another shock for Elizabeth and Jim has a new mission.
Sep 3 Fallon loses her temper and Helen fears for Henry.
Sep 4 Jazzer digs for dirt and Clarrie is concerned.
Sep 5 Kenton is left horrified and Jennifer’s hopes are raised.
Sep 6 Will attempts to let go and Tom has a new focus.
Sep 7 Lily fears the worst and Hannah waves the white flag.


“And we’re cutting off the power until you fix your wiring. Who did this job, and what was he on?”

“He hasn’t spoken for months, and I didn’t notice! Why didn’t you say anything?”
“We were just enjoying the silence.”

“Like this, pigs.”

“You mean I might have to… work?