One-liners to September 22nd

03 Sep Brad takes a big step and suspicions are raised for Natasha.
04 Sep Paranoia sets in for Ruth and Ben has a difficult announcement to make.
05 Sep It’s panic stations for Ben and Helen attempts to build bridges.
06 Sep Chelsea is on a mission and George is feeling sorry for himself.
07 Sep Pat faces an uphill struggle and there’s sad news at Brookfield.
08 Sep Pip has something to get off her chest and Mia is on cloud nine.

10 Sep Pip doesn’t know which way to turn and Josh faces a crisis.
11 Sep There’s a surprise for Jim and Helen faces an emotional reunion.
12 Sep Pat puts her foot down and David jumps to conclusions.
13 Sep Paul won’t take no for an answer and Ian proves himself a true friend.
14 Sep There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Helen and Pip’s situation becomes ever more complicated.
15 Sep Usha finds herself privy to some surprising information and Helen takes a step in the right direction.

17 Sep There’s trouble at the Flower and Produce Show, and Freddie has a confession to make.
18 Sep Fallon makes her position clear, and Ruth has major reservations.
19 Sep Vince makes a surprising offer, and Emma attempts to maintain her position.
20 Sep There’s tension at Brookfield, and Harrison has a tricky negotiation to make.
21 Sep Fallon makes a decision, and there’s first day nerves for Freddie.
22 Sep Stella attempts to keep the peace, and there’s surprising news for Emma.