One-liners to September 23

05 Sep Chris lends an ear to a friend in need, and Eddie hatches a cunning plan.
06 Sep Susan comes to a terrible realisation, and Ben digs himself a hole.
07 Sep Neil attempts to do the right thing, and Joy finds herself manipulated.
08 Sep Chris has a dilemma on his hands, and Ben comes clean.
09 Sep The Aldridge family struggle with where to go next, and there’s an unexpected confrontation for Shula.

12 Sep Peggy offers more than money can buy, and Oliver’s plan backfires.
13 Sep It’s an emotional day for Alice, while Chris attempts to find the right words.
14 Sep There’s a near miss for Adam, and Fallon makes a sacrifice.
15 Sep Alice drops a bombshell, and Ian has a drastic solution.
16 Sep Emma has something to get off her chest, and Kenton declares war.

19 Sep Jennifer fears the worst and there’s a twist at the Flower and Produce Show.
20 Sep Joy brings worrying news and Chris attempts to move forwards.
21 Sep The walls close in on Lee and Fallon faces an uphill struggle.
22 Sep Helen takes evasive action and Alice has concerns.
23 Sep The Aldridges are in shock and there’s a sad goodbye at the Stables.


An dedding would be too much to hope for.