One-liners to September 9th

23 Aug Ruairi is a wanted man, and Chelsea faces an unusual client.
24 Aug Brad only cares about results, and has Alistair missed a memo?
25 Aug Tracy is feeling nervous, and Ed needs a word with George.
26 Aug Is Ruairi ready for the honest truth? And do Oliver’s eyes deceive him?

28 Aug Is Alistair up for a birthday bash? Jill has wise words for Beth.
29 Aug Oliver extends the hand of friendship. Is Tracy ready to admit the truth?
30 Aug Three’s not a crowd for Ben, and Jazzer has an idea.
31 Aug Can Josh and Beth be friends? Kenton and Shula have a heart-to-heart.
01 Sep Ruairi has a close encounter, and Alice needs a favour.
02 Sep Tracy gets a shock, and Kenton has a brainwave.

04 Sep Tempers flare for the Horrobins, while Lily has plenty to look forward to.
05 Sep Harrison finds himself in demand, and one resident finds herself in a nightmare situation.
06 Sep Freddie offers his support, and Tracy feels guilty.
07 Sep Brad has a confession to make, and there’s a shock for Russ.
08 Sep Alistair finds himself out of his comfort zone, and Brad faces an emotional encounter.
09 Sep It’s all hands to the pump at The Bull, and there’s a surprise for Jim.


You unlocked HORROBIN FLARE △◯△ to activate

Must be a first for him.

Beer leak!