One-liners up to April 14

31 Mar Lilian bares her soul, and there is a barney at Brookfield.

2 Apr Ed raises a concern, and Josh runs into problems.
3 Apr Justin aims to please, and Peggy speaks her mind.
4 Apr David’s plan backfires, and Adam is left in the lurch.
5 Apr Emma takes matters into her own hands, and Eddie comes to Rex’s defence.
6 Apr Ruth regrets what she says, and Harrison tries to make amends.
7 Apr Lilian gets a window on the past, and Kirsty needs to keep faith.

9 Apr Lilian hopes to get things over quickly, and Kirsty tries something new.
10 Apr Brian struggles to keep his cool, and David wants to take the blame.
11 Apr Emma adjusts to a new routine, and Ed gets a talking to.
12 Apr Harrison offers an olive branch, and Tom thinks it is too late to play nice.
13 Apr Justin gets an unexpected offer, and it is a busy evening at nets.
14 Apr David cannot contain his anger, and Pip is cornered.


Let’s be thankful that’s all she’s baring.


Yes and I like that Pip is being cornered like the rat she is. Does she wait for that long to tell the truth? Or does she not confess but get found out perhaps via Ed? I think I’d rather relish the latter.

Looks like Fanta is right once again about Dopey taking the blame if only temporarily.

I am sooo uninterested in Lilian and Justin!