One-liners up to April 28

7 Apr Lilian gets a window on the past, and Kirsty needs to keep faith.

9 Apr Lilian hopes to get things over quickly, and Kirsty tries something new.
10 Apr Brian struggles to keep his cool, and David wants to take the blame.
11 Apr Emma adjusts to a new routine, and Ed gets a talking to.
12 Apr Harrison offers an olive branch, and Tom thinks it is too late to play nice.
13 Apr Justin gets an unexpected offer, and it is a busy evening at nets.
14 Apr David cannot contain his anger, and Pip is cornered.

16 Apr Lilian has a spring in her step, and Toby offers little comfort.
17 Apr Josh is on the warpath, and Elizabeth is pampered.
18 Apr Peggy hears the good news, and Ruth wants to keep a low profile.
19 Apr Emma sets her sights on the future, and Anisha oversteps the mark.
20 Apr Everyone is celebrating at The Bull, and Rex fails to impress.
21 Apr Pip cannot apologise enough, and Lily takes charge.

23 Apr Toby reaches the end of the road, and Emma comes under fire.
24 Apr David and Ruth reach a decision, while Brian has reason to celebrate.
25 Apr Ambridge Hall is invaded, and Tom angles for a better deal.
26 Apr Matt lays it on thick, and Usha lends an ear.
27 Apr Pip finds the comfort she needs, and Justin cannot be calmed.
28 Apr Brookfield needs to dig deeper, and Kenton strikes a deal.

Shrieks of delight!!! Roll on the 26th​:grin::grin::grin:

Ps thanks Janie :smiley:


You don’t suppose he’ll appear tomorrow, do you? Window on the past?

Well predicted, Marjorie, at first I thought Matt might come back but then decided he probably wasn’t going to. I wonder how long before someone spills the beans on Twitter or a messageboard. I hope they don’t, because it’s a pretty big spoiler!


Tomorrow would be amazing! It speaks well of Huw Hyphen that he wants Matt back and Kim Durham is up for it. I’d call that severing ties with the former editor.


I think Matt coming back, much as some might love him, would be a bad and disorganised move on the part of the re-reorganiser of deckchairs.


Me, I can’t wait! Sounds like it puts Justin’s nose out of joint, for a start, that’s got to be good. He has a distinctive voice and he’s a good actor, in my opinion (though I think Sunny Ormonde is dreadful, so there is that).

How to think of a plausible reason for his return, that’s the problem, I suppose. Will he be minted or hoping for a hand-out?

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Oh I love the voice and I liked the character, on the whole. That’s not my gripe, it’s the fact that any new editor can do what the hell it wants, up to and including ‘let’s wipe out the last X years and the hell with plausibility’. That your immediate predecessor stretched credulity beyond its limits is no defence for you doing the same. Look to it, good boy, see. She said Welshly.


Beautiful as Costa Rica is I think its attractions may well have grown boring for Matt. I think his return could be perfectly plausible.


Now, look you, Gus bach, she says Welshly back, that’s the difference between you and me. I am shallow enough to want merely to be pleased by outcomes, the ones I like having good things happen to them and the ones I don’t having their noses shoved in the slurry. Miss Prism said the same thing only a bit more elegantly.

And too often it’s the other way round, especially in The Archers, so why do I listen? Answer came there none.

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Now if they brought back Nigel, that would be wiping out the last X years.


Almost missed in all the excitement - 23 April - is Toby packing his bags? That could be one helluva week.

I am shallower than what you are. And to prove it I shall drown you in a puddle of you, not of me. That’ll teach you to be deep.

As to the question, it is one of the Great Imponderables. Actually, that’s nonsense: you can ponder yourself blue in the face should the fancy take you that way, but it won’t get you anywhere (except possibly to the Respiratory Ward - and trust me, you don’t want to be there).


[quote=“Marjorie, post:4, topic:192”]
I’d call that severing ties with the former editor.[/quote]Indeed it is, though I’m surprised the one-liners gave that away.

There’s a couple more of surprising openness there too. In the longest term I’m not sure it’s wise to return but anything which gives two fingers to O’Connor is worth a go in my book.

Now get rid of Toe-Bee and he can take Current-Pip with him and we’re moving.

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Let’s hope we get rid of Justin too. April 27 looks promising. As for his ‘unexpected offer’ on April 13, you know the old joke: ‘Want a job involving sex and travel?’ ‘Sure.’ ‘Eff off, then.’ I have always liked Simon Williams but he’s terrible on the radio and the storywriters never got to grips with the character, astute businessman one minute, fool the next, weasel who lets his wife humiliate Lilian one minute, man sincerely in love the next. It just doesn’t work. They should call it a day and get rid of him.

And I hope they use all of this IBR scandal to get rid of Pip, too. Shamed by her egregious conduct, she slinks off to work elsewhere and returns in a few years with a different voice. Who knows, maybe they will. Then all we’d have to do is kill Ruth and I’d be quite happy.



No you wouldn’t :grinning::grinning:

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Oh, you suspect there are others on my hit list. Yes, you’re probably right …

Hmmm… Not sure that humiliating Lillian is of itself a bad thing. It could make a new man of her.

Whoops! Sorry about that it went all large. Not at all what I was trying to do.

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Oh, thanks for that. Woke me right up! I was just sipping my first coffee (Canadian time).

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[quote=“Used2B, post:18, topic:192”]
Sorry about that it went all large.
[/quote]Y’see … now THAT’s what I call shouting.

You’d be in sooooo much trouble elsewhere