One-liners up to April 6

20 Mar Alistair deals with an emergency, and Tom returns revitalised.
21 Mar Pip massages the truth, and Shula gets a warning.
22 Mar Alice expresses her thanks, and Harrison needs to find the right words.
23 Mar Toby hopes he meets the measure, and Clarrie cannot help but be suspicious.
24 Mar Kirsty accepts an offer, and Justin is put in the picture.

26 Mar There is a difference of opinion at Bridge Farm, while at Grange Farm the cracks start to show.
27 Mar Toby shares his advice, and Kirsty adjusts to new information.
28 Mar Usha rallies the troops, and Jill does a good deed.
29 Mar Lynda has to explain herself, and Harrison is in the doghouse.
30 Mar Pip is on edge, and Justin plays it cool.
31 Mar Lilian bares her soul, and there is a barney at Brookfield.

1 Apr Ed raises a concern, and Josh runs into problems.
2 Apr Justin aims to please, and Peggy speaks her mind.
3 Apr David’s plan backfires, and Adam is left in the lurch.
4 Apr Emma takes matters into her own hands, and Eddie comes to Rex’s defence.
5 Apr Ruth regrets what she says, and Harrison tries to make amends.
6 Apr Lilian gets a window on the past, and Kirsty needs to keep faith.

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Thanks, Janie. I very do not like the look of
and numerous points south


I did quite relish Adam being ‘left in the lunch’. Then I reread it.


Ha! I like the use of the word ‘relish’. Yes, he should be careful not to get on Ian’s wrong side. Special Soup Today at Grey Gables.

Looking forward to the barney at Brookfield. Other than that, no hint that Pip’s duplicity is to come back to haunt her. The ‘massaging’ of truth is about the loan to Toby. That’s nothing compared to destroying Brookfield’s herd single-handed and spreading the infection to other farms, which I sincerely hope she has done.

(Logically it can’t be both, I do realise. Either the infection originated at Brookfield and she helped spread it elsewhere or they caught it from outside due to the great escape. But let’s not nit-pick.)


Always enjoy Peggy speaking her mind :grinning:

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