One-liners up to Sep 5

20 Aug Oliver needs to ask a favour, and Susan gets creative in the kitchen.
21 Aug Shula spots an opportunity, and Anisha has made up her mind.
22 Aug Lynda makes herself indispensable, and Clarrie receives a gift.
23 Aug Matt’s request is denied, and Brian ignores the rules.
24 Aug Tracy wants to party, and Chris makes amends.
25 Aug Alice draws a blank, and Adam sees more than he should.

27 Aug Ian doesn’t like what he hears, and Roy’s confidence takes a knock.
28 Aug Oliver is unable to say no, and Peggy is working hard in the garden.
29 Aug Justin can’t hide his joy, and Kirsty wants to play cupid.
30 Aug Pip and Toby need to work together, and Susan’s day goes from bad to worse.
31 Aug Lilian tries to explain herself, and competition is fierce at Bridge Farm.
1 Sep Adam wants the truth, and Lexi clears up some confusion.

3 Sep Tony’s offer isn’t enough, and Joe’s competitive spirit flares.
4 Sep Grey Gables staff learn their fate, and Phoebe has to face her fear.
5 Sep Lilian lends an ear, and Caroline is remembered.


Oh no. Pip and Toby again. Thank goodness I’ll be otherwise occupied.