Paper fivers


Today being International Revive an Old Thread Day. I’m giving this one the kiss of life.

Banks as agents of the BoE will still take paper £5 after the paper £5 is withdrawn in a few weeks.
If Tosco is not going to do so, does this mean that Tosco Bank - despite all its claims - is not a bank, just a bunch of cheapskate userers?

On another point. Take a look at how many 3rd-party brand-leader’s products, Tosco has dropped from sale in recent times. Whilst shelf space for its own pap and axle-grease products has been increased.

Maybe Tosco is going bust… Slowly.


Tesco Bank has no branches, so you can’t get to a Tesco Bank to try to pay the thing in.

Given that IME the own-brand is often produced on the same production line as the named item, I’m all in favour of the former. :money_with_wings:

And I don’t even particularly like Tesco.