Poultry report


They are beautiful, indeed.
Thanks for sharing, joe.
Soo xx


Attack of the Killer Sunbeam


Basking, that’s what they’re doing.


Don’t be silly: even I can see they are not sharks


Hush! Don’t spoil their illusions!


I have serious Hen envy, joe. Partly because of the sunbeams, mind you.
Soo xx


That can be cured! You’re more than welcome to have those two.

Seriously, they will have to go, being of the rooster persuasion. A shame, because they’re real charmers, but we have to consider the girls’ health.


Meanwhile, young Vic is doing well in her (we hope) mudlarkery classes:


Aaaw. Booo.

Joe, remember, “A chicken is for life, and just for Christmas”. Or is that Turkey’s ?


In the turkey’s case, same thing, really.


Turkeys vote for Christmas, I’m told. Silly things.
Soo xx


But only turkeys over 18 have the vote.


I don’t know anyone who can age a turkey, Fishers :wink:
Soo xx


I reckon I could make one feel quite world-weary, dahlink. Just say the word.


Possibly this should be in the Cellar, but:

my neighbour informed me this afternoon wrt a bit of Family Drama that she is “sitting on eggshells” …


I should have asked whether she is also walking on her hands, come to thibk of it.


By special request, a quick update (more to follow when the pics have finished uploading). Young Vicky seems to be going through a goth phase…


Gorgeous, joe! I’ll alert LadySusan!


Aww. Gorgeous. Ta, joe


Lookin’ good.