As a newbie please forgive some questions, current(ish):

Why do Jim and Jazza live together?
Where is Anisha?
Where is Kirstie?
Is Pip’s pregnancy okay, and did we ever find out the real reason Toby was going to Brighton?


You can’t be that much of a newbie, as you have found a great many pressable buttons there. Or maybe you’re just lucky? (Well of course you are: you have two Siamese and you’re not dead yet)

Because no one else would have them, and plot. I suppose we are supposed to think that crusty old academic Jim finds Jazzer’s refreshingly direct approach and pawky Scots humour refreshing. This says more about the SWs than about them, or indeed us.

Arranging her 27th (probably) birthday party (probably). Or out on a run where she met Dan. Frankly, who cares?

Bound and gagged somewhere without food or water. But then I am an optimist

Don’t ask stupid questions, there’s a dear. No, it is very much not OK, and I live in daily hope of her exploding, being squished, or being fatally perforated in the child-sac region by a carelessly hurled flapjack


We did. But I’m not going to do all the work around here.


Because a quarter-witted SW thought it was funny.

Who cares?

The poisons she was exposed to at Lowmead softened her brains to such an extent that she found RoboTaff Mk II interesting. She was last heard disappearing into a birdwatching hide with him, so my best guess is she’s been chopped up and used to lay a trail for the hunt.

The mere thought of God’s Gift To Farming spawning is anything but OK.
No we didn’t - though the official line is probably that actually yes we did because the SWs got bored with the SL and couldn’t be arsed to follow it up.


You are even more of an optimist than I am, joe dere. "Wouldn’t it be luvverly?’ etc…


Where is Anisha ? … bloody good question. They keep mentioning her, I guess Rex needs to & Alistair/Shula have to. Plus the cricket season is upon us.

I suspect, in really life, the actress is busy but in the Archers she was an issue centred blow-in they’ve not got round to blowing out.

Pip. … why ? Just why ??

… & the SW’s seem to have forgotten about her improbable glider flight. I was pinning a lot of hopes on that.

Toby & Brighton.

Another storyline the SW’s over-built and under-completed. Some bollaux about looking after his junkie girlfriend. It never rang true but wonder woman was convinced and it’s never been mentioned again despite him revealing himself to have been a heavy drug user himself … Pip just said “oh, OK then”.


Particularly as it did not in any way account for the hints that Toerag had done something terrible there (“Remember what happened in Brighton”) when he first showed an interest in Pip (or rather the attached farm). Are we supposed to believe that merely associating with him would turn her into a hopeless druggie?

That the two of them are likely to drive me to drink is a different issue.


Association with the TobesMeister would certainly cause me to drink more.