Radio Times Ambridge Diary 18-23 June

In a scene that seems inspired by a Barbara Cartland novel, Lilian - a woman caught between two men - is thrown from her horse, only for Matt to come rushing to her rescue. In true conniving Crawford style, it soon becomes clear he wants something in return …
Tom attempts to call Justin’s bluff by demanding a higher price for Bridge Farm, only to be left stunned when an angry Justin withdraws the offer completely.
Freddie evades college, forcing Elizabeth to get tough and cancel his allowance. He has the last laugh when he secures a picking job from Adam. But there’s chaos at the pickers’ introductory drinks when a fight kicks off after local lads gatecrash the event.

Thanks to FleetingEileenM


Grasping SausageBoy has returned to character and gets his comeuppance. Excellent if true.


One does rather have to wonder which sausage he is grasping.

Actually, no, one doesn’t, does one?