Radio Times Ambridge Diary 5-10 March

Kirsty’s behaviour is fast becoming a cause for concern: she’s raising eyebrows at Grey Gables over her attitude towards the guests, and lets her rage boil over during a public showdown with Fallon in the Tea Room.

Pip has a cow-related mishap when the Brookfield herd gets mixed up with the Anguses at Bridge Farm, thanks to a section of broken fencing that she was supposed to be mending. Can she trust Ed to keep quiet after he spots the escapees?

And Miranda surprises Lilian by giving her both barrels while out on a ride. It seems she knows all about Lilian and Justin’s affair - but it now appears that the Elliotts won’t be in the village much longer …

I’ve been rooting for Kirsty to go full Ellen Ripley for a while now.

Pip, realising that she has fallen from Farming Perfection, will disembowel herself honourably in the poo lagoon.

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Snork, Hedgers! I’m only sorry that the showdown is not with Helen!