Radio Times Ambridge Diary August 22-26

Steph Casey’s wedding finally arrives but for father Vince, his big speech is the least of his problems. Can the special day go off without a hitch?
Tracy’s struggles over her daughter’s education continue. Lily comes up with a solution, but it might not be what Jazzer had in mind. And talking of different ideas, the Aldridges start their search for Adam’s replacement but - unsurprisingly - there’s little agreement on what’s required.
Over at Brookfield, Ben gears himself up for a big confession, while receiving words of very different advice in each ear. And Susan and Neil plan their long overdue night all by themselves, or so they hope.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Oh aye? Benvenuto Archer of Brookfield, a notable erector of skimmitycrows, I presume.


Ooh, good thought! Really, what a deplorable lack of empathy for this would-be nurse, I do hope you’re right!


He has the obvious emotional motivation. I would so much like it to have been Emmur, but I fear we can probably rule that out, since she seems to be being Rehabilitated. See, something in common with Alish after all ;- )