Radio Times Ambridge Diary August 27th-September 1st

If you’ve read our *feature on page 22 (says the Radio Times) you’ll know that love is in the air - but the big question is whether Jazzer and Tracy will actually get married at the second time of trying. Meanwhile, Stella becomes the subject of some surprising attention, Pip’s feeling guilty about last week and makes an emotional confession to her family, and Brad is called upon to fix a thorny problem when he and Mia help Rex with the rewilding.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland


What a good idea. Rewind to 2010 or so perhaps.

Do people really care? I mean, it goes right, or it goes wrong and they do it again; this isn’t the 1920s and nobody’s going to Shun Tracy for Living in Sin.