Radio Times Ambridge Diary August 9-12

Last time she vented her anger in the village, Alice ended up lobbing a brick through the window of the community shop. On that occasion, new glass was fitted and Ambridge’s resident alcoholic was forgiven. But events are now set to spiral out of control at Willow Cottage - and it appears the damage Alice causes may well be irreparable. In the aftermath, it’s left to the Aldridges to sort through the wreckage while Alice’s guilt plunges her into despair. Cue a drastic decision that threatens more heartache.
Elsewhere, we have an update on something that has aerated everyone in the neighbourhood - yes, it’s the scarecrow competition, which finds Fallon & Harrison going all out to snatch victory.

Thanks to PinaGrigio of ‘Peet’s Mustardland’