Radio Times Ambridge Diary Dec 2-7


Poor Jennifer - despite being a terrible snob, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her as the new owners of Home Farm start making unreasonable demands. Lilian, for her part, is furious, while Brian attempts to arrange a compromise. But it soon becomes clear that Jennifer is struggling to hold things together.
David is dominating proceedings at the Canterbury Tales rehearsals thanks to his risk assessment and Lynda is struggling to control her cast. But just as it looks as though things are coming together, disaster strikes …
Phoebe has a radical suggestion to get Roy’s life back on track (and hopefully put a stop to his Eeyore-like moping). And Helen is looking forward to some father-daughter bonding as she and Tony head to France to pick their new cattle.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


:astonished::astonished::astonished: they SELL it ???

I never thought they would … or is thus just a likely buyer ?


I wondered the same thing, Armers. It couldn’t be sold that fast, could it? It must be prospective buyers, surely.


I’m inclined to torch the bloody place to put an end to this crap. If Adam is somehow there in a smoke-prone corner - out like a light, the poor boy works so hard, twitter witter bleat - tant mieux


Surely Jennifffer has a blowtorch for brûléeing crème?