Radio Times Ambridge Diary Dec 4-9

As David and Ruth struggle to come to terms with what’s happened at Brookfield, Pip steps up for her family, but Leonard is stunned by a heartbreaking confession. Will he be able to carry the burden of his secret, or betray a confidence and risk making things worse?
Fallon and Harrison visit Grange Farm, but Emma isn’t a happy hostess, and that’s before Ed is swiftly recruited into one of Eddie’s get-rich-quick schemes. As Kirsty and Mick bond over choir rehearsals, Joy is left to confront her own feelings and insecurities. And over at the Horrobins, Tracy and Jazzer don’t see eye to eye - can Chelsea and Brad steer them back on track?

Thanks to PinaG of Peet’s Mustardland


Jill: “I killed and ate my first three husbands, and I’ve been keeping my hand in with people who stop off on their way through the village. Where did you think my casseroles got their unique taste?”