Radio Times Ambridge Diary Dec 8-13


As grown men, you’d have thought Ed and Will would be able to bake mince pies. But the kitchen is soon looking a mess, and when Eddie calls his sons away on important Grundy World of Christmas business, Clarrie has to pick up the pieces. Until a surprise visitor saves the day …
There are further unexpected events at Bridge Farm, where Helen gets a welcome shock. As old feelings rise to the surface, she makes a bold gesture that she hopes will be reciprocated.
And if it’s tension you’re after, tempers are fraying on the Grey Gables reception desk as Lynda grows increasingly exasperated with a loved-up Tracy, who keeps on receiving mystery phone calls.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Tee hee, men can’t cook.

[throws up in the bushes]


I s’pose it’s a bit too much to ask for 132,000 Volts, or even a measly 240V AC ? (…well, I live in hope, which is why I keep returning!)


“It’s not the volts that get you, it’s the amps.”
“How many amps are there?”
“Enough to push a train.”


…or as my old Professor Clark put it: "…Volts jolts, mils¹ kills!"

¹ mils as in milliAmperes (…it’s for the scan, dere!)


Dearie me. Was it something a man cooked?

< lumbers off at speed. Relative speed >


“That’s your blood boiling, dear.”