Radio Times Ambridge Diary Dec 9-14


Lynda is being surprisingly stoical as David delivers yet more bad news following the latest setback with The Canterbury Tales. But Ben suspects she’s more upset than she’s letting on.
At Lower Loxley Elizabeth continues to act erratically and makes a strange decision that sparks concern. And when a familiar face shows up to put the cat among the pigeons, Lily is left with some serious explaining to do.
Brian, meanwhile, is continuing to throw all his efforts into finding a new home for him and Jenny - and with the clock ticking, he enlists the help of Lilian. Which sounds like a recipe for disaster. After all, Lilian’s only requirements for a home are to have a hot tub and be near an off-licence.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


You know, a n enforced break from TA while I am chez Ma may be no bad thing…


[quote=“JustJanie, post:1, topic:1439”]
Lynda is being surprisingly stoical … But Ben suspects she’s more upset than she’s letting on.[/quote]Why would Ben, with the beard & deep voice and mature manner and as 16 as a student at school in Ipswich, give a flying furtle that Lynda is upset ?

Even if he did notice.

Which he wouldn’t.


She weeps on his shoulder, and like any lad of that age in that situation he looks for someone else to take over for him.