Radio Times Ambridge Diary Feb 11-16

Expect Brian to be on belligerent form when he decides to fight for his future on the BL board. But with Martyn Gibson baying for his blood and Annabelle unsure where her loyalties lie, it falls to Justin to support his “brother-in-law”. But will Justin really risk his own interests to save Brian’s skin?
Nic is also fretting about her future following events at The Bull last week. Will assures her she’ll be fine, but when Jolene comes to a decision, it looks like Nic’s worst fears may be about to come true.
Toby’s first day lambing at Brookfield proves eventful, while Pip is on the receiving end of some harsh home truths issued by Ruth. Will she heed her mum’s warnings?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from the Bowman Board


Splendid. Pathetic, infantilised, manipulative, mimsy, frilly-knickered apology for an adult female.


Ruth will be apologising to Pip within 2 days then.


Just what I was thinking, Armers!