Radio Times Ambridge Diary Feb 13-17

Despite being a rather rigid and unbending type, Jim has somehow found himself with more than one unwanted house guest. So, in order to keep at least some control, he tries to set some ground rules. But will these regulations prove to be his undoing?
Brian is also trying to nip potential problems in the bud as he strives to keep Alice and Chris’s divorce as amicable as possible. Hence him making a surprising offer - but will his gift be accepted? Alice, meanwhile, pays her first visit to the solicitor, and is left contemplating more than just her own future …
The much-anticipated Valentine’s event goes off at the Bull meanwhile, and Kirsty makes a shocking decision…

Thanks to PinaGrigio of ‘Peet’s Mustardland’


Ha ha, look at the silly man trying to live his life the way he likes it rather than being One Of The Lads.

400kV power line tap plus spilled beer equals a nasty sizzling sound…


… namely, a hefty bill.