Radio Times Ambridge Diary Feb 4-9

Brian must be wishing that 2018 were nothing but a bad dream - his life has pretty much imploded. Now he finds himself headline news as the BL board plan to oust him as chairman. The terrible publicity creates a fresh crisis for Adam, but will he lay more stress on Brian’s shoulders?
Emma and Nic are also in disagreement over loyalties to the Aldridges, all of which results in Will gunning for his ex-wife as tempers explode in The Bull. Expect big recriminations for one villager in particular …
Away from the furore, Susan is feeling under-appreciated at Bridge Farm, while Pip is impressed by Toby’s new-found dedication.

In the cast are: Chris (Carter) and Philip Moss.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from the Bowman Board


That ‘like’ should be construed as a ‘thank you for posting’ rather than anticipatory glee. But you knew that.

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Indeed, Gus. The only thing to look forward for me is a - probably verbal - punch-up between Nic and Emma. Things are going far too smoothly between those two up to now. I don’t particularly like the way they snidely gang up on their menfolk so I’m hoping for a bit of a shouty row in The Bull. If on of them says, ‘You cow!’ that will be icing on the cake.

I’m not enjoying Brian under the cosh, it’s a bit too much like a stag at bay. And ‘yuk’ to the two baby storylines. Toby during into Prospective Dad of the Year is just too hideous to contemplate.