Radio Times Ambridge Diary February 19-24

Susan joins those keen to help the Aldridges with Jennifer’s funeral arrangements, but she’s in for a shock when a decision by Brian comes to light. While Brian is busy distracting himself with Roy and Kirsty, can Alice hold it together and avoid a relapse, before Brian comes to his senses?
Meanwhile, Ben prepares to start care work at the Laurels and Ruth and David have their hands full with calving, not to mention their B&B project, where someone steps up to “help” with a trial inspection. Elsewhere, the prospect of Lee’s children moving to America has set his mind racing, but what will this mean for him and Helen?

Thanks to Aonghas of Peet’s Mustardland


Fewer children clutterin’ up the place?


Deeply disappointing. I had such high hopes for Lee’s daughters moving into Beechwood. Their sensible decision to dislike Helen on sight was very promising.