Radio Times Ambridge Diary Jan 13-18


Alice has picked up on news that Pryce Bauman plans to develop a strawberry-picking robot and is now keen to trial the technology at Home Farm. I hope the rest of the Aldridges go for it - if only to generate an “Artificial Intelligence Takes Over Ambridge” storyline. The Archers does Westworld - just imagine!
Could booze be coming back to Lower Loxley? Elizabeth is obviously hoping so, as the date for the review of the alcohol licence approaches - but will her dry January end up running into February?
Susan, meanwhile, spots one resident behaving in a suspicious manner and voices concerns to Emma, who believes her mum is barking up the wrong tree.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Given the recent TV series’ emphasis on sex, wasn’t that Pawel?


I can’t begin to imagine why LL lost its licence, let alone for such a long time. I’d want to see if any of the magistrates/licencing panel had links to competitors.


Roy stalking Lexi?


“That Helen, I mean we all know what she’s like, and there she is, still breathing…”