Radio Times Ambridge Diary Jan 20-25


Lower Loxley could be the scene of an intervention after Kenton finds the place in uproar. As Elizabeth makes a shocking confession, Kenton is so concerned that he rallies Shula and David - but will they be able to get through to their troubled sister?
Tempers flare for the Aldridges when Jennifer calls an emergency partnership meeting. As one member of the clan digs their heels in, another one gives a life-changing ultimatum.
Helen’s behaviour continues to arouse suspicion as she and Lee grow closer.
Plus Ed has money on his mind as he fears that he and Emma will struggle to pay the mortgage and house deposit. But could there soon be hope on the horizon?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Oh goody. I can wait. No, really, I can.

Can’t we have Kenton killed, though? It seems so little to ask.


There are so, so many ahead of Kenton on my list. As far as I am concerned, he can wait. Though frankly, death is too good for them. Comeuppance must occur first!


You kill your list, Janie frere*, and I’ll do mine. First come, first served etc.
I just thought Kenton would be a little bonus.

*oh brother. Autocorrect. dere.


OK, here goes: Ruth is top of my list. She’s not evil enough to be interesting, nor is she well acted, so she would be no loss. And the fallout at Brookfield would be interesting. Pip of course must kill her with her bad driving. (As a bonus for you, chère Gus, you may have Rosie in the car too. Pip has to survive to be blamed, though.)


Helen again
Henwy & Rosie & Poppy
Jill. Twice at least

Nuking fron orbit would probably be more efficient than picking the brotbags off singly. Hmm


You have spared Elizabeth, or forgotten her?


Writer’s cramp, dere.
Of course Elizabeth. But LL is going to be fried too, innit. Manchester is a bit far, though, d’ye reckon?


Drop a W-88 on Ambridge and it wouldn’t even break the windows in Birmingham, though they wouldn’t be happy in Evesham or Bromsgrove.

(Of course I know where to find things like this.)

Still, I am more prone to favour something lingering with necrotising fasciitis in it.


That, Sparrer, is wreckless of hasparagus that is. There are consequences and I needs my Vale of Evesham Hasparagus.


It might be a tad overcooked, true


We could always use a smaller warhead, but that runs the risk of scattering the contamination rather than destroying it.

That Fish (who is not reading this thread as it’s in Spoilers) asks me to point out: “These numbers should be seen as evocative, not definitive.”