Radio Times Ambridge Diary Jan 21-26

Toby is fearful that he’s being pushed out of his baby’s life by the Brookfield Archers, but his mood is lifted when Pip issues an unexpected invitation. But when faced with the reality of his future, Toby starts to doubt that he has what it takes to step up as a father.
Gossip is spreading through the village following events at Home Farm - but you can expect things to go from bad to worse for the Aldridges. Jennifer, for one, has some serious grovelling to do, while Brian ends up facing even more of a backlash.
And Jim turns detective to find out the truth about Tumble Tussock - only to be met by Joe protesting his innocence. Cue a stand-off between the two adversaries …

In the cast are Chris Carter and Latif Hussain.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from the Bowman Board


Ah, so when he said “no no I want nothing to do with the blasted thing” he was just futilely resisting the Tide of Sprog-Love that flows over all Ambridge men. (I find said Tide one of the least realistic things about a very unrealistic programme.)


What a tedious coupoo they are, Pip’nTobes because, however dysfunctional, they are a couple. Though couple of what, you might well ask. Pip declares she’s going to have an abortion then doesn’t. Toby says he doesn’t want to be involved with the baby and now he does. Or thinks he does. Or resents being told he can’t: take your pick. Add the Dopeys and bonkers Jill to the equation and we have sheer lunacy.

I just wish it was entertaining.