Radio Times Ambridge Diary Jan 7-12

Ruth may be promising to support Pip, but there’s still a large obstacle to overcome: Jill the Archer matriarch doesn’t exactly look fondly on the Fairbrothers, so what will be her reaction when she learns the truth? Will she accept Pip’s state of affairs or push her further away than ever? At least David is making an effort to be reasonable - however, a confrontation soon gets out of hand when he and Toby finally come face to face.

Helen reaches the end of her tether with the kefir, while Tom and Susan are forced to face the cold, hard facts: the stuff just isn’t selling. And Roy worries that Lexi is being taken advantage of - but is stunned when she has her say on the matter.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from the Bowman Board


Then he should stop doing it


“Helen reaches the end of her tether” … and we know what THAT leads to !!!



Oh dear. Oh dearie, dearie me. ‘Lexi being taken advantage of’ has taken on a new and horrible significance. Please don’t go down, or indeed up, that route, Prod Team, please.