Radio Times Ambridge Diary January February 5-10

Kate is feeling energised - despite all that’s gone on in recent weeks, she’s determined to put her best foot forward, but might she step on someone else’s toes? And not all the Aldridges feel so optimistic. Adam must work out how to give Xander some difficult news, although a creative project and a trip to the River Am might solve both their problems.
Freddie remains determined to take on more responsibility at Lower Loxley, but not everyone’s finding the fun in leadership. At the shop, Susan is keeping a beady eye on her new recruit and not liking everything she sees - but she might regret being so quick to judge …

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland


They have always been her preferred terrain, at least when she couldn’t get faces.

I so agree. Don’t forget the pockets full of stones!