Radio Times Ambridge Diary Jul 2-7

Harrison is outed for tricking the team into recruiting women players, resulting in the broiling mass of barely suppressed rage that is Will Grundy. Expect brickbats rather than cricket bats as Will seeks vengeance.
Lynda is also getting her fellow villagers riled up. There are crossed wires with Fallon over the organisation of the village fete. And then comes the prospect of Lynda and Lilian being forced to work together on Speed Watch - will this bickering duo ever call a truce?
Finally, Tom is still furious with Matt, thanks to his costly interference over the Bridge Farm land deal. But it soon becomes clear that Tom isn’t Matt’s only enemy in Ambridge …

Thanks to FleetingEileenM from the Bowman Board

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[quote=“JustJanie, post:1, topic:472”]
Tom is still furious with Matt,
[/quote]Really !!!

Tbat lad needs some self-awareness classes.


[quote=“Armrest, post:2, topic:472, full:true”]

[Pat Voice ON ] Really, Armitage, you’re surely not suggesting any of this is Tom’s fault! [/Pat Voice OFF]


Speaking of which. Isn’t it about time that Will Grundy was outed as gay?
He obviously is… Or at the very least, bi. (He has that snarling way of speaking, so typical of Darrington batsmen.)

The script-cobblers at Birmingham, could use some of the old Adam and ‘Pavlov’ (and his dog) scripts… Again!


Do you know the Flanders and Swann song “Twice Shy”, Useders?

It doesn’t seem to be on Youtube, but I’ve located the lyrics for you:

As we all know, Casanova was compensating for his concealed lust for men, just like Lothario or Lord Byron.


I didn’t know that Flanders and Swann. Or if I did, I’d forgotten it. I love that.
Thanks for digging the lyrics out, Fishy. :grinning:

Casanova, Lothario, Lord Byron and Will Grundy… Seems right to me. :slight_smile: