Radio Times Ambridge Diary July 14-20

The unexpected happenings of the past few weeks may have shaken the Aldridges, but Jennifer remains determined to put her best face forward to the world nevertheless. Lilian’s suspicions are increasing, meanwhile, and she works out that there is something not quite right. Will Jennifer be able to divert her sister? Or will the truth out, and more importantly, will Peggy find out?
Low level skirmishes continue to rumble on between the Pargeter twins, although Elizabeth reiterates her pride in them both. But Lily is furious at Freddie’s plans, especially given the source of the funding he intends to use.
And the mediation gets tricky for Shula and Alistair, when Al starts to fight to safeguard himself and Shula objects vigorously.
And a flap at Brookfield raises a significant question for Ruth.

Thanks to PinaGrigio from Peet’s