Radio Times Ambridge Diary July 26-29

Roy has romance in mind when he meets online date Leyla, but obstacles in his path include Phoebe, Kate … and a long-horned cow. At Honeysuckle Cottage Ian’s suspicions reach fever pitch, and when he confronts the matter he lands himself and others in trouble.
Lynda is making it her mission to secure a celebrity to add sparkle to the fete and tasks Lilian with stalking her prey. If all goes wrong, perhaps they could ask Harry Redknapp? (He was surprisingly good when he cameoed recently on EastEnders.)
Finally, Helen urges caution, and when Adam opens his heart, one Ambridge resident makes a controversial suggestion.

Thanks to PinaGrigio of Peet’s Mustardland


I recommend a hot glue gun.

“You’d be much better off waiting on me hand and foot.”

“Leave it that way until you run out of blood.”


He’s going to suspect Adam of having an affair, rather than discussions about a new job, isn’t he? How bloody predictable.

Way beyond predictable. How many time have we had this SL now?