Radio Times Ambridge Diary July 31-August 5

Adil Shah teams up with Oliver and Roy for a business event they hope will charm the locals. Relying on Roy’s knowledge of Ambridge turns out not to be their best idea, but Adil gets a pleasant surprise with a gesture of support from an unexpected source.
Justin Elliott also has his business head on, until a worrying personal situation presents itself for him and Lilian. And Alice and Shula finally get to inspect the Stables makeover, although by now Shula may have her eye on a completely different kind of course.
Meanwhile, over at Bridge Farm, Peggy is hoping to mark the arrival of the twins in her own unique fashion, but will everyone be happy with her big plans?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland


“Justin’s head’s fallen off again!”
“You distract Lilian, I’ll get the gaffer tape.”

“How To Convince Everyone You’re A Retired Vicar Without Doing The Work”

“Go, get my Ink-pot and my Quill,
My Blotter and my Famous Will.”


I am very much looking forward to Peggy causing a lot of trouble!