Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 26-July 1

Adil hasn’t exactly got off to the best start in Ambridge, having taken over Grey Gables and then made most of the workforce redundant. And one of his fiercest critics remains Lynda, who has rarely been known to back down from a fight. Aware that he’s still in her bad books, Adil needs some ideas on how to break the ice. Enter Kirsty with a plan, all of which adds to Adil sharing details of his past and demonstrating a hidden skill.
Tom and Helen are keen to impress as they look to make up for some lost business thanks to the closure of that aforementioned hotel. And as Ben experiences a challenging week, he finds himself in need of family members to help him through a crisis.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland


“When I was fighting for Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan they showed us this great trick for bringing down a building in a hurry…”


Hand-delivered ‘Congratulations on killing your first patient!’ cards?