Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 3-8

Another week, another crisis meeting at Home Farm as Brian hatches a plan to sell off land in order to provide financial stability. But his scheme looks set to have a particular impact on one member of the family.
Will is alarmed when Jake informs him that Mia is falling behind with her school work and has quit her beloved football. With Mia refusing to talk to him he recruits Emma to see if she can help.
Shula puts her foot in it with Alistair when they share a bottle of wine and Pip gets frustrated with Toby’s attitude at antenatal classes.
Lily is left feeling trapped humiliated and fearful that her big secret is about to be revealed …

Thanks to Donatus from Peet’s


Oh I say, that is excellent news


Yes, it is rather! Not that I can figure out how she could be ‘trapped’ if it’s her relationship with Russ they’re talking about and it means he is threatening her somehow. He surely has far more to lose than she if their affair becomes public, so what power would he have over her?