Radio Times Ambridge Diary Mar 10-15


Susan and Clarrie’s suspicions are raised by recent events at Bridge Farm, while Natasha is roped into the Lent scheme before discovering a shocking truth - but how will she react? As for Tom, he’s standing by his decisions. And let’s not forget Helen, who is set for an emotional confrontation.
Elsewhere, Lily fears she’s being sidelined as concerns about Freddie’s imminent return fester. When Phoebe returns from university, she soon finds herself embroiled in Lily’s dramas.
Kate’s attempts to manipulate a canny Peggy backfire.
Plus, Will has some bad news to deliver, but isn’t prepared for the reaction he receives - and listen out also for an emergency dash to Brookfield …

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Oooh, Miss, Mi-iss, I know the answer, Miss, plee-ease…


“Good news - Nic’s alive! Bad news… she’s a bit… bitey.”


Go on, go on, tell us! Or am I being thick?


Tapping her for money, trying to move into Christine’s room, or both?


Will is going to tell his tenants to sling their collective hook so that he can stash the senior Grundys in 1 The Green (I think that’s the property). Tom and Gnasher won’t be there so he will talk to Bangin’ Hannah and Creep Johnny, expecting dismay. They will signally fail to be dismayed, having already had a bucketful of the newlyweds.


To be fair, & I’m as cynical as anyone about Joe & his unpleasant ways, if Will owns a property and his family are looking it would be an odd decision not to give them the opportunity.