Radio Times Ambridge Diary March 17-22

Helen’s low mood continues to be a cause for concern, despite her attempts to pass it all off as concern for the Montbéliardes, which are soon set to be calving. But when she ends up telling a lie, her fib could come back to bite her.
Leonard is getting used to all the comings and goings at Brookfield, but some sights are still causing surprise. Then it’s all change for Jill as Leonard has a treat in store - but will a crisis of confidence scupper their plans?
Elizabeth, meanwhile, expresses gratitude to those who’ve helped her these past few months. She’s convinced that Freddie’s impending return will be a new start, but other family members fear his presence will bring more problems.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


They say that like it’s not her default mode.


Leonard’s going to suggest a few days away isn’t he. One room or two ?

Then he’s going to propose.

Then he’s going to die.

Not sure if David is to be involved in the last of those predictions.


“A normal person would be properly suicidal by now and we could have some sharp things lying about, but she just keeps on going…”

“You are so fortunate to have had a chance to help ME.”