Radio Times Ambridge Diary March 26th-31st

George has been busted! Will and Ed realise he’s been coaching Susan and Clarrie in his birthday party mission, but all may not be lost as Oliver takes an interest.
Natasha and Tom must decide on a lucrative opportunity that could cause conflict at Bridge Farm, and the electric charging station continues to cause ripples, as Jim keeps digging to find the name of a key player - could David have information that he’s willing to share?
And what is Brian up to now? As he rebuffs Alice’s offers to help him to settle into his new routine, Lilian senses something mysterious is afoot.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland


Brian went out for the day.

So Justin implies he must be out with a woman, and Alice spends the day trying to stalk him and find out what he is doing.

Nasty people.


And they’re not the only nasty ones on display this week! Elizabeth was pretty dreadful with the volunteers, George was horrible to Will (though it’s to his credit that this is the first time he’s brought up that he is ridiculed at school because his mother couldn’t make up her mind which brother she preferred).

And Helen and Tom! I prefer by far Tom’s honest greed over Helen’s probably hypocritical posturing. Still, he should shut up about it being all for Nova and Serin, bet they spend some or most of the dosh. And since no one is offering Helen megabucks for Henwee and Giddyjack, we’ll never know if she would have turned ShapeOfArse (as it’s called on Peet’s) down, do we?

For once I applaud Tom for outmanoeuvring his vile sister with her ‘I’m going to tell Mummy and Daddy on you’ threat. Bet she manages to make Pat and Tony force it out of her.


:joy: :joy:
And gets them to apologise for having done so, more than likely.