Radio Times Ambridge Diary May 6-11

Adam’s petulant whining is hard to take at the best of times, so goodness knows how he’ll fare when he tries to generate some good publicity by appearing on Radio Borsetshire.
And that’s not the only Home Farm-related drama this week: the Aldridges are set to discover exactly what Brian has been up to in order to get the business out of its mess.
Elsewhere, the Grundys fear the worst as Will declares war.
Pat discovers Olwen’s whereabouts and offers her support - but doesn’t get the response she expects.
Lily is continuing to give Freddie the silent treatment at Lower Loxley.
And one Ambridge resident is the victim of a shocking attack - but who is the perpetrator?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board


“I’ve turned the entire lot into cash, and I’m off to Costa Rica. Ambridge Leisure Developments are moving the diggers in tomorrow. Byee!”