Radio Times Ambridge Diary Nov 10-15

Tony’s plan to get people to see the damage caused by sky lanterns backfires when he unwittingly offends Joy. Before long they bury the hatchet and bond over classic cars - but they become the subject of surprising gossip.
Tensions run high for Will, Jake and Mia after Joe’s funeral, but Jim encourages Will not to let past events damage relations with his children.
Lily makes a shocking discovery as she browses through some old photos - but what will she do with this possibly incendiary information?
And as Peggy celebrates her birthday, she receives an unexpected offer from a journalist. Is she about to become the victim of press spin?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“I was talking about flaming bags of hot air in general, not you specifically.”

“I never knew Tony was deaf.”

“After all, look at the wonderful relationship I have with my son, who moved half the length of the UK* to get away from me.”

* I have not checked this statement, nor am I going to.


Snork. Also ouch. Chocolate biscuits turn out to be quite sharp and scratchy when inhaled.


Oh bugrit. That means she survives this week.


I am having a horrible thought that me ages a trois re the set up at L Pocksley

Make it stop please!


Heave… :nauseated_face:



Until we learnt how young Lara is, I would have thought the same, but now we do know that, I conclude that what Russ told Lily was not the case, that is to say he was afraid she would think he only likes very young women, is precisely that. So Elizabeth is far, far too old for him.

I wonder what lies he will invent. Is Lara still going to be fragile and unpredictable in spite of what Lily concluded when she saw her? “Lara puts up a good front but really, she is on the edge …” Bet Russ says something like that.

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I think that making that true would be too antifeminist for the SWs. It is definitely the obvious thing for Russ to say though.


I agree, I wasn’t clear. I really meant will Russ still be using the ‘fragile’ card about Lara to explain why he’s taken no steps to get a divorce? How long is it since he left her? Must be over a year now, so the two years are coming up.

He should at least be seeing about a legal separation if Lara does not want to cooperate with a divorce so he can get access to the money that Lara has ‘blocked’.


The money will be a pile of unicorn poo

I think Russ is a bit of a liability and liar


Agreed, Twellsy, he’s definitely a liar, but I am convinced he has some money he is hiding. At least if the story were any way near realistic he would have some. He’s been a deputy head for some years and unless he has a gambling or other expensive habit or Lara has frittered away all his savings (ah, he is going to claim that, isn’t he?) then there has to be some money in those ‘blocked’ accounts. It probably suits him to sponge off Lily and Elizabeth and save his money for a rainy day or when Lily throws him out which I hope will be soon.


Or when he gets bored and moves on to another first-year, which was what I was expecting.


Is there any broadcast evidence for the joint account etc having continued to be frozen/blocked?

Oh, and the initial and immediate freezing of the account suggests to me that Lara was originally intended to be of similar age to Russ - that is the action of a more mature female, imo. I do think they have changed horses in midstream again with this storyline. Presumably because of the editorial relay race/game of consequence that has been going on for what seems like ever.

In case anyone hadn’t guessed already, I want Lily to suffer and be utterly humiliated. Am entirely indifferent to what happens to Russ. Bad Things happening to Widderbeth would be a bonus, of course.


He has lost his access to first-years. I can’t imagine him working in education agan.


They do let them out, you know.


Fanta posted something from Lowfield about Lara having ‘blocked’ his accounts but I don’t recall any mention of this continuing to be the case. Ah, here we go, it was in Peet’s:

On 14th September, 2018, we were told
“Lily admits she’ll have to get a job. Russ won’t be getting one . It would break his concentration and his wife has blocked their accounts so he has no money. Elizabeth says that is really up to him. He needs to sort that out with Lara and he’ll need to get a job to fund himself in the meantime.”

There’s no sign of his having any money of his own since then except for the I hope pittance that Elizabeth is paying him. But who knows, after all if Lara and he (apparently you both have to consent to ‘unfreeze’ an account which has been frozen by one of the partners) released the funds he’d keep quiet about it, wouldn’t he?


Yeah, if he had any sense he would. Russ is a character from one of those ‘painting’ books one had as a small child. Slop water on it with a brush and areas of colour are revealed but it all remains a bit wishy-washy and unsatisfactory.

I would like to hear him give Lily a good beating, though. Mind you, that doesn’t make him special. I could enjoy Bert Fry giving the Festering One a pasting.


He’s probably not up to picking 'em up without the spurious air of authority.