Radio Times Ambridge Diary Nov 18-23

Lower Loxley continues to be the nucleus of catastrophe as Lily gets increasingly overwhelmed with various crises. By the week’s end, she is forced to admit the outcome of the investigation into her affair with Russ. Elizabeth has taken a turn for the worse, while the future of the Hunt Ball is also in jeopardy.
Tempers are fraying at the Canterbury Tales rehearsals as the arctic conditions prove too much for some. Will Lynda be able to keep her cast in order and focused?
The Home Farm shoot looks set to end in disaster for Will.
And Oliver begins his new role, only for a bitter Joe to start planning his revenge for pipping him to the post.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


[perks up]

Did someone say “nuclear catastrophe”?

Oh. Never mind then.


For ‘peasant’ read ‘pheasant’ throughout?


So Lily, who’s University days hardly started brightly, now had to “admit” that Russ is strucken-orff … AND can afford to spend a week at home, during her first term and take on the pressure of her pointless mother’s nervy.

Bless her. It’s a good job she’s a genius.


I don’t know what Lily is studying, or what it’s like at university these days. When I was there it seemed that people doing things like English only had to turn up for the occasional seminar, so I guess that now with email and so on, taking a week off might not be a big deal.


Food Tourism?

(Birmingham has a college of Food Tourism and Agriculture. Lack of punctuation is theirs, not mine.)


They were very vague about this but I thought it was worked out to be English, with a subsiduary of Shagging.

… & you’re right. By it’s very nature that means lots of reading & essay writing so being out of the lecture rooms etc. is the way it works (I hope so for the subsid. at least). But there will still be important lectures & tutorials which give pointers, direction & advice and discussion. Yes, just as if you get ill, a week away can be survived, but it’s far from ideal.

… &, wondering aloud, is it possible that next week is when Russ goes the full Doug McClure and has his epaullettes ripped off (ouch) and buttons removed (aaah, THAT’S where they went) & that’s the real reason she’s returned ?