Radio Times Ambridge Diary Nov 3-8


It’s Joe’s final farewell and Eddie is focused on his dad’s legacy, but will he find a volunteer to support him with his experiment? And, at the wake, Jim tries to keep a final promise to his old friend. But will he be able to confront a ghost from the past in order to fulfil Joe’s request?
At Lower Loxley, Lily continues to push Russ to divorce Lara. But suspecting that Russ might be making excuses, Lily decides to confront Lara herself. And as Bonfire Night arrives, Shula allows Freddie to host a party at the Stables. But by this point, Lily is in a foul mood and, with alcohol flowing, there’s the distinct possibility of the evening going with a different kind of bang than was anticipated.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


< sigh >


Freddie’s friend Nitro Nick might have something to say about that.


Divorce? He’s never mentioned that to me.


Maybe I’ve missed something along the way (very likely, really), but if he’s abandoned her to go off with his new floozie why hasn’t he found himself already divorced without the option?


Because she figured it would be more annoying for him to have to wait five years? That has the unintended consequence of protecting LIly from the natural result of her trollopish folly, namely being saddled with Russ as a spouse, but one can’t have everything.


"Sorry ?

Russ has been working abroad for the past year. He’s due home after Christmas. Me and the children are soooo looking forward to him returning".