Radio Times Ambridge Diary Oct 13-18


The community is out in force to support the Grundys in the wake of Joe’s death, but will the loss of an Ambridge legend mend fractious relationships? As funeral preparations begin, Clarrie encourages Eddie to contact his ne’er-do-well brother Alf to tell him what’s happened. But can Eddie put aside old animosities and reach out to his sibling in his time of need?
Emma is also in an uncomfortable situation when she tries to pay her respects, while there’s more than one emotional goodbye for Will.
And Ruairi’s emotions come to the fore during a stroll down memory lane with Elizabeth, but he insists he wants to conceal the truth about his feelings from Brian and Jennifer.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


What? The OldGrundgie is dead? “How can they tell?¹” or “TOG isn’t dead, he just smells funny!²” (…nothing new there, then?)

¹ © Dorothy Parker (…when Calvin Coolidge up and died)
² Frank Zappa (…comment about Jazz)


He prolly smells better.


The farmers’ lung got Joe in the end


Don’t be too sure about that, Twellsy. I reckon a cider press falls on him…


…yeah, but which end?


Will Bartlebery haul joe’s bier of cider casks and Shires kegs

What is the rescue pony called?


Alf coming back. Will we find out who nicked the church collection?