Radio Times Ambridge Diary October 3-7

It’s Jill’s birthday, but it’s Beth Casey who’s in focus as she tries to make a good impression on the Ambridge matriarch. Ben is praying that his gran likes his new girlfriend, but he hasn’t accounted for Josh, who’s scheming on the sidelines and planning to scupper things.
Over at Home Farm, Lilian hears a worrying rumour, which results in Brian being confronted with the honest truth from newcomer Stella. But will he be able to park his pride and actually listen to what she has to say? Chelsea, meanwhile, pulls the rug out from under her horrified mum, Tracy. And as tensions increase, Jazzer and Jim decide to seek solace in birdwatching - only to make a surprising discovery.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’



I mean what the fsck business of hers is it?

We watch back, you know.


You have met Jill, haven’t you? If not, just remember she lives in Ambridge…a village without boundaries or, indeed manners, decency or standards…