Radio Times Ambridge Diary October 30-Nov 4

Now Chelsea has finally made the most important decision of her life, how will it affect those around her? While she chews on the consequences, a hair appointment leads to some surprisingly good advice.
Jolene looks to have got something terribly wrong, while Lynda plays sleuth with the help of willing accomplices. Freddie is on hand with tea and sympathy, while Ben just wants to hide himself away.
At Lower Loxley, Vince and Elizabeth are looking forward to a warm reunion - what could possibly get in the way? And Kirsty’s plans for Halloween are also at risk, until an unlikely Ambridge resident steps in with some spooky entertainment.

Thanks to PinaG of Peet’s Mustardland


“You should probably stop pulling your hair out. Trichomancy is so 19th-century.”

The Ghost of Phil?