Radio Times Ambridge Diary Sep 17-22

Listeners of a nervous disposition, be warned: it’s the week of the Flower and Produce Show and the tension is almost unbearable. Jennifer is confident of victory, but her frangipane is no match for another prize-winning entry. And will Joe and Bert’s efforts to self-sabotage for the sake of terminally ill Cecil work?
Phew - well, if you’ve managed to pick yourself up from off the floor, there’s also this to contend with: Harrison finds himself the butt of jokes by the Darrington cricket team as Ambridge morale hits rock bottom.
Roy doesn’t want Lexi to move back to Bulgaria, while Ruth worries that Pip is pushing herself too far.
Finally, David is asked to break the law, but what response will he give?

Thanks to Fleeing EileenM from the Bowman board
(This is a verbatim copy of the Radio Times spoiler. Toffee’s version is a paraphrased amalgamation of the RT and Total TV guide spoilers which she does because of copyright concerns on Peet’s board.)