Radio Times Ambridge Diary Sep 2-7

The shocks keep coming at Lower Loxley as Lily continues to dream of a future with Russ, only to receive news from her beloved that leaves her reeling. Elizabeth’s stress levels are also on the rise as son Freddie struggles to accept the situation he’s now in.
Clarrie is concerned as Will obsesses over Poppy’s first day at school. Will he be able to overcome his parental concern?
Over at Bridge Farm, Helen discovers the truth about Henry’s evening at Number 1 The Green, all of which leaves Tom and Hannah in a rather unfortunate position.
And look out, because Tom has yet another new business idea - but after so many disasters in the past, will anyone take his new plan seriously?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


that’ll be fun. Won’t it?


Oh yes! What sounds more fun is if Tom and Hannah stuff Henwy with junk food and send him back to Bridge Farm bouncing off the walls. It’d be worth the lecture they get from HellQueen. Of course, if Tom has any sense, when he gets it in the neck as he will, he will say, sorry, you’re right, I’d better not have him over again.

But he won’t will he? He walked straight into the trap and made the offer to have the brat when his needy sister was whinging about the joys of the very occasional child care she is called upon to do. I do hope Hannah was not best pleased about that.

I fear we’re in for another ‘sorry, Helen’ though, as Hannah ‘waves the white flag’ on Sep 7.


Mrs Russ is pregnant?


Oh, I like that!