Radio Times Ambridge Diary Sep 22-27

Lexi goes into labour, so it’s panic stations for the Aldridge clan. But while Adam and Ian are full of nervous excitement, another member of the family can’t help but feel anxious. Will events go to plan as Lexi finds things getting increasingly fraught?
We also have potential scandal at the Flower and Produce Show as Jill fears that Leonard’s masterplan is actually a huge mistake that will end up having major ramifications.
Lilian finds herself charmed when she’s invited out to dinner by Vince Casey - but does he have an ulterior motive for wining and dining her?
And Clarrie and Eddie fear for Will’s mental health and race against the clock to halt his return to gamekeeping.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


We sincerely hope not

Don’t believe them

…leaving his only income the rent for No. 1 the Green that they, on past form, are unlikely to be paying with any regularity. Yes, what a splendid plan.


“Why, he told us we weren’t the most important things in his every waking thought!”


What else can he do though? I don’t think even Oliver can find any more jobs for people with no experience. Doesn’t his cottage come with the job? He will be homeless as well.


Jobs Will could do to keep him away from gamekeeping:

  • gun collection cleaner
  • poisons disposal officer
  • undercover police
  • rope strength tester (all right, now you’re getting silly - ed.)