Radio Times Ambridge Diary Sep 29-Oct 4

Never let it be said that The Archers plays it safe. Where else on radio or TV would you get a storyline about a boar whose sexual appetite is on the wane? Rex is, of course, very worried about Basil’s lack of mojo, especially when his latest initiative fails. The mind boggles …
Over at Berrow, Hannah and Neil’s continued clashing leads to a shocking incident - and you can expect the blame game to follow as Justin goes on the warpath.
And Jennifer’s fears about Lexi’s relationship with her grandchild fester. Seeing how worried she is, Brian decides to do something about it. But his tactics cause hurt & outrage, with Jennifer left in the firing line thanks to her husband’s misguided actions.

Thanks to PinaGrigio of Peet’s


Somebody, somewhere needs to have a stern word with themself.


Tact and diplomacy were never Brian’s strong points.